Jeffrey HosierI was born in Michigan and love any sports involving Michigan teams. Go Red Wings! I’m half Greek. My first car was a 1965 Mustang.

I liked the creative arts throughout school from attempting to play the alto sax (3rd chair) to making a rocket that sat on the launch pad while my classmates (and I) waited for the never-to-occur flight. I’m still waiting…

Using a camera, I produced a few images that made people stop and take notice. “Wow, I wonder what effect I could create if I knew what I was doing…” This realization led to learning how to process film and print black & white. Magic! – watching the image come to life was a sight to behold and I was hooked.

Working in a factory was financially rewarding, but did little to feed my creative side. So I made a decision to learn more of photography and go to school. I had two choices – New York or California … California! Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. After attending Brooks, I moved with my young family to Northern California. I waited tables and did photography very part time until I took a job as an assistant in a commercial photography studio. “Go bring all that stuff in here and get it set up while I schmooze the client.” I became a sponge for how it’s done in the real world and outside a classroom.

Presently I photograph thousands of people annually and provide services to numerous corporations. Some include Hewlett Packard, LSI Logic, Apple, Dell, Stanford University and a handful of international clients.

I hope you enjoy viewing my galleries and select me for your next project.